Vinyl release with music a piece for the diorama-installation Mermaid Bay

by Peter Peter, released by Escho

Peter Peter’s music piece for the diorama-installation Mermaid Bay by Christian Friedländer in the Danish Pavilion is being released on vinyl at the record label Escho. To be purchased from the 18th of May, online and in the Danish Pavilion at Venice Biennial from 18th of May - 26th of November.

Purchase here

Front cover
Back cover
David Finck holding the vinyl


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Entrance to the Danish Pavilion


Coastal Imaginaries is the name of the Danish Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia in 2023. Critical Coast is the name of the publication made in connection with it.

This place aims at gathering a lot of the inspiration and knowledge surrounding the project and is growing along the span of the exhibition.